Maple Leaf Aviation Limited is located in Brandon, Manitoba Canada (CYBR). The company was formed in 1946 as “Brandon Air Service” and became Maple Leaf Aviation Limited in 1951. The company provides the following aviation related services:

Aircraft Maintenance Services

Maple Leaf Aviation is a Transport Canada licenced AMO168-91 providing services and overhaul of single and twin engine aircraft. Airframe rebuilding is available in our Cessna Aircraft repair jigs for Cessna single engine aircraft. Complete sheet metal and aircraft painting available upon request. 100 hour and annual inspections carried out. Scheduled and non- scheduled maintenance.

Minister Delegate - Maintenance (MD-M Services)

Maple Leaf Aviation Limited can provide MD-M services for the importation of aircraft. Dave Wall, Transport Canada delegate provides complete MD-M services for all single and twin engine aircraft, helicopters and agricultural aircraft. These services can be performed at your locations and available at our home base. Please call for information regarding rates and availability of services.

Manufacturing and Design Services

Maple Leaf Aviation Limited is a Transport Canada approved manufacturer for replacement parts and modifications for Cessna aircraft. Fiberglass and metal components are manufactured and inspected in-house. Maple Leaf Aviation Limited holds over 40 STC’s in Canada (TC) and the United States (FAA). We have component and airframe modification design available in- house and in conjunction with Roy Sobchuk, R.S. Design & Consultations. In-house LSTC services also available.

Aerial Services

Maple Leaf Aviation Limited is a Transport Canada licenced “Aerial Work 702 and Air Tax 703 carrier. We provide aerial patrol, reconnaissance, telemetry, photo and patrol services. Aerial Taxi services also available. Rates available upon request.


Our hangar is located at 455 Agnew Drive on the Brandon Municipal Airport. We have 4800 sq ft of hangar spaces available with a 55 foot by 17 ft door access. 100LL fuel is available and conference room. Limited over night heated storage available by prior arrangement. All rates available upon request.

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