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These fit on top of the late model nose wheel pants and are between the pants and the underside of the engine cowling. They smooth airflow around the nose strut and across the scissors assembly while they provide protection to the nose strut tube against sand, gravel and rock strikes from the propeller. Access can be provided for attachment of a towbar for ground handling. These generally will provide 6 to 8 MPH gain. Currently available only for the 177 and 182. We now have available the 172 Fancy Pants which will generally provide 3 to
5 MHP gain.
An exact duplicate of the Cessna late model fairings, they are built of exceptionally strong fiberglass. They are easily repairable in the field if they are damaged in an accident. These smooth the air flow around the sides and underneath the wheel assemblies more than earlier models which tended to have a scoop like design. They are furnished with round push-in nylon plugs for access to the air filler on the tires. These wheel fairings generally add 2 to 3 MPH more than the old designs. STA and STC approved.
(C-177 only) This kit includes two brake fairings, two fuselage cuffs, and two preformed new low-drag extended chord, aluminum gear leg fairings. These fairings remove air turbulence and decrease drag and correct the angle of incidence of the gear leg fairing which previously flew in a stall. The speed gain is typically 3 to 4 MPH. This kit does not include the late model wheel fairing that must first be on the aircraft..
These vary aerodynamicly sculpted brake fairings smooth the airflow around the inside of the wheel pants and across the brake assembly. Also made of high quality fiberglass, the typical gain is approximately 2 to 3 MPH. Available for Cessna aircraft with tubular gear having an aluminum fairing already in place from the factory. Also available as part of a Main Landing Gear Kit for the C-177 Cardinals and for the C-182 with tubular gear that has an aluminum skin or flat leaf spring gear. Must be used with late model wheel pants.
The fairing fits over the lower half of the existing fairing, and it also comes with a rear tie down fairing. The product is semi finished and are larger in size then the original fairing (giving the installer room for adjustment) as all aircraft are not built exactly the same. Lower turbulence in the rear stabilator/fuselage area, smoother air flow past the rear tie down and less air bleeding through from the bottom of the stabilator to the top are all features of the fairing. Drawings and instructions are included. Installation time is approximately 5 hours. Speed changes vary from aircraft to aircraft (approximately 2 - 4 mph). Construction material is lightweight fiberglass. The new tailcone also provides gap seals for the sides of the tailcone alongside the opening of the stabilator. This is a very worthwhile mod for all Cardinals, Fixed or retractable gear. Applicable models Cessna 177 A and B models, Cessna 177RG (All Models).
This provides the upper half of the fiberglass tailcone. Makes it easier to inspect the aircraft during 100 hour inspections or annual. It also allows you to discard that floppy, thin, aluminum original tailcone. Excellent aesthetics, and additional speed gain of 1 - 2 mph. The upper tailcone, which is a speed mod must be used with the Lower Tail Fairing.
The fairing is made of fiberglass using a fire retardant resin. The fairing helps reduce engine temperatures and decreased the turbulence around the exhaust pipe. Applicable models are Cessna 172 I thru S, 177 thru B, 177RG, 180 C and on, 182 C thru R and 185's all models.
Measure approximately 4" x 10" and can be used to cover protruding nuts, bolts. We use these to fit over the exposed bolt heads on the wheel fairings blending the airflow even more smoothly around the sides of the wheel pants. One is used for each main wheel pant and two are used on the nose wheel pant. Speed gain is less than 1 MPH. Cosmetic effect gives finished appearance to wheel pants.
A highly streamlined cover for the typical, rectangular Cessna, King, Narco and Bendix ADF loops on the aircraft belly. The cover usually provides about 1 mph gain. Available in two sizes to fit most belly mounted ADF antennas.
This is one of the most important fairings for the earliest Cardinals with no cowl flap in place. It helps to recontour the lower cowling to approximate the shape of the later models. It helps to redirect airflow that previously rammed directly into the lower firewall lip aft of the large opening behind the nose gear. Helps to increase cooling airflow from the engine. Made of fire retardant resin. Speed gain is reported to be between 8 to 12 MPH and the aesthetics are greatly enhanced with the shimmy damper now enclosed as in later models and the gaping hole closed.
These fit all Cardinals, are made of fiberglass and are easily field repairable if damaged. These are not a speed mod.
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