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Brandon, Manitoba

Mission Statement:

R.S. Designs & Consultations purpose is to support Sustainable Development for personal, business and environmental benefits.

Our focus:

1. Design of light aircraft efficiency modifications primarily for Cessna Skyhawks,Cardinals and Skylanes. These products save fuel and improve efficiency of the aircraft.

2. Design and manufacturing support for aerodynamic improvements for truck and recreational vehicles.

R S Designs & Consultations is a small business that had its beginnings in 1980.
The design of new products comes about by staying in touch with the aviation community and Transport Canada. The inspiration of my designs has been the Experimental Aircraft Association and their annual Airventure. No where else in the world, does the assembly of this wealth of technical knowledge become available. Even N.A.S.A. has helped with support in the approval process of the low drag high lift wing tips ! Some designs require that models be built and tested on a vehicle test platform. “Mobile wind tunnel” , to prove the viability.

The aviation groups known as the Cardinal Club and Cardinal Fliers Online as been a major player in the support of my designs. The aircraft and RV creations take shape in our home work shop or at the airport. The supporting documentation is produced and assembled in our home office.

Marketing and support for the aircraft Modification kits are done by
“ Maple Leaf Aviation of Brandon “.

Our history on seat heaters:

On the aftermarket seat heater kit for auto’s, trucks and industrial equipment (Comfort Seat Heaters):

The product line was started 1989 / 90, with Scandmec as the supplier of heaters. This was a first in Canada! The marketing and administration was done by myself, and Phyllis, as well as product representatives in Quebec and Ontario. Manufacturing and product support was done by five outside companies. The testing and assembly of the kits were done in our home basement. The product was shipped from Brandon to all locations in Canada and U.S.A.

W.E.T. / Schukra was approached to develop seat heater panels to our requirements in 1993. We introduced the first “Carbotex” Carbon fiber heaters to the aftermarket in North America.

In 1999 the seat heater portion of the business was transferred to W.E.T Automotive System.I continue to support the seat heater business as a technical and sales advisor.

Market sector:
As of late 1999, the Aviation sector became our main source of business.
The world is now the market for our Aviation Modification and parts business. The internet plays a big part in the development of this market. However, the industry is undergoing major changes due to the application of new world certification standards, which Canadian businesses will be preparing to meet. This will be a huge undertaking with new certification standards. Training will be very important.

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