Exhaust Fairing (STC/STA)

Category: Skylane 182

Fits Models:

182C through 182N, P, Q and R

  • EP5002-002
  • $334.00 USD

The fairing is made of fiberglass using a fire retardant resin. The fairing helps reduce engine temperatures and decreased the turbulence around the exhaust pipe. Applicable models are Cessna 172 I thru S, 177 thru B, 177RG, 180 C and on, 182 C thru R and 185’s all models.

Exhaust Pipe fairing 1 – 2 hours install.

  • All products include hardware, STC and installation instructions if applicable.
  • All parts come in a grey gel coat that requires wet sanding , priming and painting. In addition to install time.
  • Prices are quoted without shipping.
  • Please note: If you are purchasing a kit that requires a 337 approval (United States) for installation, we will provide you with technical data along with a copy of a similar installation instructions for your aircraft.
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