Bolt Covers (**337/LSTC)

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Nose & Main Wheel Fairings

  • AF-002A
  • $114.00 USD RH & LH set of four

Measure approximately 4″ x 10″ and can be used to cover protruding nuts, bolts. We use these to fit over the exposed bolt heads on the wheel fairings blending the airflow even more smoothly around the sides of the wheel pants. One is used for each main wheel pant and two are used on the nose wheel pant. Speed gain is less than 1 MPH. Cosmetic effect gives finished appearance to wheel pants.

Fiberglass replacement 1 hour install.

  • All products include hardware, STC and installation instructions if applicable.
  • All parts come in a grey gel coat that requires wet sanding , priming and painting. In addition to install time.
  • Prices are quoted without shipping.
  • Please note: If you are purchasing a kit that requires a 337 approval (United States) for installation, we will provide you with technical data along with a copy of a similar installation instructions for your aircraft.
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