Lower Tailcone (**337 field approval)

Category: Cardinal 177

Fits Models:

177 A, B, 177RG

  • TFL-002A
  • $420.00 USD

The lightweight fiberglass fairing fits over the lower half of the existing fairing, and it also comes with a rear tie down fairing. The product is semi finished and are larger in size than the original fairing (giving the installer room for adjustment) as all aircraft are not built exactly the same. Lower turbulence in the rear stabilator/fuselage area, smoother air flow past the rear tie down and less air bleeding through from the bottom of the stabilator to the top are all features of the fairing. Drawings and instructions are included. Speed changes vary from aircraft to aircraft (approximately 2 – 4 mph). The new tailcone also provides gap seals for the sides of the tailcone alongside the opening of the stabilator. This is a very worthwhile mod for all Cardinals, Fixed or retractable gear.

Lower tailcone fairing 5 hours install.

  • All products include hardware, STC and installation instructions if applicable.
  • All parts come in a grey gel coat that requires wet sanding , priming and painting. In addition to install time.
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  • Please note: If you are purchasing a kit that requires a 337 approval (United States) for installation, we will provide you with technical data along with a copy of a similar installation instructions for your aircraft.
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